Key Features

TryShape is here to take care of your customized shape needs

The modern website and web application designs need shapes of random dimensions, colors, and creativity. It is too much for our brains to remember CSS clip-path rules to define shapes. Let's create, share, export shapes in a minute using TryShape.


Make your creative thoughts a reality with a few clicks. You can create any circular, elliptical, and polygonal shape within a minute time.


Export the shapes as images and CSS snippets. You can export the shapes as SVG, PNG, JPEG, and CSS.


When you create something fabously great, do share it with the awesome developer community. TryShape allows you to do that when you make your ceativity public.

Great Export type Support

Hassle free usage for your web design and development!

TryShape supports exporting shapes as images, CSS snippets, and SVG. You can export them specifying any dimension, color, name of your choice.

Icon for SVG File Type


Export and save your shape as the Scalable Vector Graphics(SVG) file. It gives you the power to use the SVG image straight into your application.

Icon for PNG and JPG File Types


PNG and JPEG types are the most used image types in web applications. Export your shapes as .png and .jpeg image files.

Icon for CSS Snippets

CSS Snippet

Don't want to image the shapes as files? No problem. You can create CSS snippets with your shapes and export that instead.

TryShape is an opensource project developed by Tapas Adhikary and friends.